VNA Grinding

VNA Grinding

Floor Screeding Solutions can provide your warehouse with precision Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) laser grinding to ensure the flattest floor possible.

We will ensure your flooring meeting the highest standards in force, ensuring the safe operation of your forklift trucks and other handling equipment, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs.

Floor Screeding Solutions understand the importance of perfect flatness in warehouses with high capacity and narrow lanes.  We also understand the dangers involved if trolleys moving at height were on an uneven floor; and therefore ensure we provide the best service possible to leave you and your workforce confident and safe.

How it works

We will carry out a full laser survey of the floor area against the DIN 18202 specification.  We will carry out a free in-depth inspection of the floor profile differentials and collect the data using a DINMeter.  At the end of the survey, the data will be downloaded and programmed into our grinding machine.

We use the Hyper Grinder Laser Grinder with automatic levelling, and a Laser system that allows us to obtain perfect evenness for lanes suitable to operate VNA trolleys.  This machine has been specifically designed to work in an operating warehouse; meaning we would not cause any disruption to your daily progress and logistical activities.

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Floor Screeding Solutions believe that for a warehouse with narrow aisles to run successfully, it all comes down to the flooring.  This is the basis for all logistical activities and weight baring of shelving and trucks. VNA trolleys can rise up to 16 meters, and therefore a difference of 3 or 4 millimetres in the flooring is enough to cause instability.

We can plane the floor dry or with water, and as the Hyper Grinder does not release any dust into the environment, we can work in warehouses containing foods, pharmaceuticals, and electronics – and you can rest assured your products will not be affected in any way.

By grinding your floors to a perfect flatness, we can achieve increased safety for your employees, higher speed VNA trolleys and reduced maintenance costs.

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