Traditional Sand and Cement Screed

Traditional Sand and Cement Screed

Floor Screeding Solutions install Traditional Sand and Cement Screed as a levelling screed to achieve compliance with specified floor tolerances. We use only the highest quality materials, and therefore we always deliver a quality service with an exceptional finish.

Sand and cement floor screeds have been the preferred choice of the building industry for over 50 years, largely due to its cost efficiency. This screed makes an ideal base suitable to receive almost any type of floor covering, and is a semi-dry system which also makes it the best choice for floors that are required to be laid to falls to assist with drainage.

Our highly skilled team will lay your sub floor quickly and skilfully with the help of our Floor Master Robot.  The Floor Master Robot eliminates the usual complaints in the laying of cement sand and concrete screeds i.e., shrinkage cracks, cupping effect at the expansion joints and corners, and minimal compressive and shear strength.

How it works

The Floor Master Robot compacts the floor up to 90mm, whilst ensuring the optimum use of dispersed reinforcement and steel mesh, eliminating shrinkage cracks. Vibrating the semi-dry concrete mix also increases the compressive and shear strength.

Normally, sand and cement screeds are laid by hand; and installations take much longer than flowing screed methods, however with the use of our Floor Master Robot – we can install up to 100 square meters per hour during continuous operation.

The machine also automatically holds the level with a tolerance of 1mm over 10-20 meters.

Benefits of Traditional Sand and Cement Screed

  • It can be laid into falls, helping excess water be disposed of correctly and efficiently.
  • Fully bonded, partially bonded and un-bonded screeds can all be achieved with sand and cement floor screed.
  • Dependent upon the job specification, any reinforcement needed inside the sand and cement floor screed will be looked at individually.
  • Ideal for most building projects including both domestic and commercial.
  • Ideal for projects with underfloor heating.

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