Sub Floor Preparation

Floor Screeding Solutions Ltd offer all types of Sub Floor Preparation.  Whether it is to prepare a floor ready to receive one of our overlay top finished screeds/polished screeds, or to remove laitance from one of our pre-installed liquid screeds we have the right knowledge and tools for the job.

With our dedicated floor prep machines, we can grind concrete, anhydrite screeds, cementitious screeds, and tiled floors. We can also remove old paint, resin, glue, vinyl, and prepare any hard surface ready to receive future floor coverings.

Floor Screeding Solutions Ltd are also able to assist grinding a floor down.  This is done to reduce the height so that we can install our overlay finished screed at only 5-15mm.

Our machines connect directly to our highly sophisticated dust collectors meaning the process is virtually dust free. We also use our own generators, eliminating the need to use your electricity, which means we can save you money.

Please contact us to discuss any sub floor preparation query you might have.

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