Sub Floor Preparation

Surface Preparation

Floor Screeding Solutions offer surface preparation on domestic and large commercial areas with our grinding machines.  Whether it is to prepare a floor ready to receive one of our overlay top finished screeds or polished screeds, or to remove laitance from pre-installed liquid screeds; we have the right knowledge and tools for the job.

With our top of the range grinding machines, we can grind concrete, anhydrite screeds, cementitious screeds, and tiled floors in preparation for coatings, overlays and finished floor surfaces.  We can also remove old paint, resin, glue, vinyl, and can prepare any hard surface to a smooth finish.

We use the Hyper Grinder RTK 400 and the Hyper Grinder RTK 650, which is ideal for surface preparation in large areas due to the size and speed of the machine.

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Best quality Grinding Machines

When removing old floor coatings such as vinyl, there is often glue residue stuck to the floor area which can be extremely time consuming to remove.  Floor Screeding Solutions can remove adhesive coatings with ease, due to the excessive speed of the RTK 650 machine which generates heat to make the removal much easier.

Our machines connect directly to our highly sophisticated dust collectors meaning the process is virtually dust free, leaving our customers with a clean, fully prepared floor surface ready to receive new floor coverings.

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