versatile eco screed

Our Eco Screed is extremely versatile with numerous advantages.  For instance, it responds perfectly to all types of applications.  Such as; thermal and acoustic performance, underfloor heating, and thin levelling screed.  Likewise, it responds to other applications such as schools, gymnasiums, housing etc.

We can install Eco screed at 200m2 per hour, and it can receive foot traffic from 24 to 48 hours. In addition, Eco screed requires fewer expansion joints than cementitious screeds.  Thus preserving the look of your floor finish.

Floor Screeding Solutions use Gyvlon® ECO® screed as it is fully BBA approved, ensuring quality and performance.

Other key benefits of Eco screed are, that there is greatly reduced cracking and no curling. No reinforcement or curing membrane is required, and there is very high fluidity for fast installation.

Drying time is approximately 1mm per day, however underfloor heating may also be used for faster completion.

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