ultra-thin liquid screed

Our Ultra-thin screed has been designed to offer a unique solution for thin floor constructions.  We can install this screed from just 12mm-20mm.  As a result, this bridges the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds.  Furthermore, there is up to a 70% reduction in bonded construction depth, compared with traditional screeds.

Ultra-thin screed is extremely time efficient.  Especially as it has up to 100% faster installation, compared to thin section smoothing compounds.

We choose to use Gyvlon® EXCELIO® Technology ultra-thin screed.  This is the only factory manufactured screed that can be applied at just 12mm.  Thus making it the thinnest ready mixed screed solution available.  This eliminates the need for multiple coat applications.  We can achieve up to 83 m2 to each cubic metre produced, and eliminate the need for site manufacture.

Another key point is that there is greatly reduced cracking, and no curling. No reinforcement or curing membrane is required, and there is very high fluidity. 

This screed gives an SR1 finish, which means it is extremely flat. Furthermore, it can be used as a finished floor or can easily take direct tiles on top.

Ultra-thin screed offers a lightweight, cost effective alternative to smoothing compounds. Therefore, Floor Screeding Solutions recommend ultra-thin screed for flooring applications where height is extremely restricted.  


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