screed for underfloor heating

Compared with conventional floor-levelling methods, liquid screed is twice as efficient at conducting heat when used on top of an underfloor heating system.  Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, water can pass through the pipes at lower temperatures.  As a result, this will save our customers’ energy use and money.

Underfloor heating systems are an effective way of keeping your home warm.  This is due to the heat rising from the base, and then covering the whole room.
Traditional sand/cement screeds transfer heat at a much slower pace.  Therefore, Floor Screeding Solutions believe liquid floor screed is the best option to lay over underfloor heating

Liquid floor screed encases the heating pipes entirely, eliminating air bubbles and maximising thermal conductivity.   For this reason, your flooring will heat up rapidly after being turned on.

We know that all liquid screed is efficient at conducing heat, when used on top of an underfloor heating system.  However, if you really want to complement your heating system, Floor Screeding Solutions can lay Gyvlon® THERMIO®+ Technology screed.  
THERMIO®+ is the only screed with a guaranteed thermal performance.

Your floor temperature will rise much faster, thanks to the high thermal diffusivity (up to +80% compared to a cement screed).  Thus providing a quicker response to thermostat changes.  Furthermore, this means your boiler or heat pump will work with a better efficiency.  Hence, allowing considerable savings on your heating bill.

Thermal screed is typically laid between 30mm and 80mm.  Floor Screeding Solutions can lay up to 1500m2 per machine per day.

This screed emits heat in a more efficient and homogeneous way, thanks to the exceptional thermal emission value (up to 30%). Therefore, this maximises your underfloor heating performance, and provides greatly improved comfort.

Floor Screeding Solutions lay this screed for domestic and commercial projects.  We highly recommend choosing it for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Extension floor layed with underfloor heating
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