liquid cement screed

Our Liquid Cement screed options can be installed quickly (over 1000m2 per machine per day).  Importantly saving our customers valuable time. 

With an excellent thermal conductivity, this is very suitable and responsive to underfloor heating, thus ensuring lower energy bills and running costs.

Our Liquid Cement screed dries faster than any other anhydrite or sand and cement screed.  Moreover, it can be walked on in just 24-48 hours. 

The advantage of Liquid Cement screed, is that floor coverings can be laid in just 21 days.  Furthermore, there is no need for the additional service of laitance removal.  Cement screed is laitance free (no sanding or grinding required).  Hence, saving our customers’ time and money.

Non-moisture sensitive floor finishes can dry between 7-14 days.  In addition, your floor will have flexural and compressive strength at 28 days.  This reduced drying time ensures your floor covering can be applied quickly, without delaying your project.

We recommend Liquid Cement screed for wet rooms, bathrooms, and paving.  Unlike Liquid Anhydrite screed, Liquid Cement screed can ideally be applied in wet areas and outdoors.  

We can lay Liquid Cement screed at thicknesses between 25mm and 80mm, depending on the surface.  Floor Screeding Solutions also recommend Liquid Cement screed as a solution for where underfloor heating is installed.  It can be laid in very thin sections, and has a high thermal conductivity of 2.9w/mk.

We offer a range of Liquid Cement screeds from Longfloor and Cemfloor.  Consequently, we can help you in choosing the perfect solution for your project.

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