LIquid Screed Services

What Do We Offer?

We deliver liquid screeding solutions for commercial, industrial, residential and new build projects across the UK.  As a result, we guarantee a perfectly level floor each time.

Whatever the scale of your project, Floor Screeding Solutions have the quality screeding products and installation skills to deliver a professional level floor on time and to budget.

Liquid Anhydrite Screed

Our Liquid Anhydrite screed produces a smooth, flat, level floor.  This forms a base for additional floor coverings for internal floors.  For example; houses, apartment schemes, schools, hospitals and offices.

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Liquid Anhydrite screed being poured on to new build flooring

Liquid Cement Screed

Our Liquid Cement screed options can be installed quickly (over 1000m2 per machine per day).   Importantly saving our customers valuable time. 

With an excellent thermal conductivity, this is very suitable and responsive to underfloor heating, thus ensuring lower energy bills and running costs.

Liquid Cement Screed pouring complete

Screed Pumping

We use the very latest world renowned Putzmeister screed pumps.  Our screed pumps have a pumping pressure of 20m3 per hour, and are capable of pumping 200m horizontal and 90m vertical.  We are therefore able to carry out projects of any size.

Floor Screeding Solutions understand the subtleties in options of floor screed.  We are able to offer the installation of liquid screed at various depths ranging from 12mm to 80mm.   Therefore we are guaranteed to have the right solution for your needs.

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Putzmeister screed pump

Ultra-Thin Liquid Screed

Our Ultra-thin screed has been designed to offer a unique solution for thin floor constructions.  We can lay this screed from just 12mm-20mm, as a result bridging the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds.  Furthermore,  there is up to 70% reduction in bonded construction depth compared with traditional screeds.

Moreover, ultra-thin screed is extremely time efficient, and has up to 100% faster installation compared to thin section smoothing compounds.

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Ultra-thin liquid screed freshly poured

Screed Floor Polishing

A polished floor provides an extremely high-quality finish, with a life cycle cost of up to 60% less than any traditional floor covering.

Our screed floor polishing service can provide homes and businesses with an incredibly durable, easy to clean surface that will certainly look incredibly beautiful for years to come.

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Polished screed floor reflecting daylight

screed for Underfloor heating

We recommend Liquid Screed application when installing Underfloor heating. Compared with conventional floor-levelling methods, liquid screed is twice as efficient at conducting heat when used on top of an underfloor heating system.  Due to its excellent thermal conductivity, water can pass through the pipes at lower temperatures.  As a result, this will save our customers’ energy use and money.

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Underfloor heating pipes before screed is applied

Thermal Performance Screed

We recommend this screed for underfloor heating and cooling systems, as it has been developed to further improve their efficiency.

Your floor temperature will rise much faster, thanks to the high thermal diffusivity (up to +80% compared to a cement screed).  Thus providing a quicker response to thermostat changes.  This also means your boiler or heat pump will work with a better efficiency, allowing considerable savings on your heating bill.

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Underfloor heating pipes before Thermal Screed is applied

Fast Dryng Eco FD Screed

Our Eco Faster Drying Screed has been developed for projects with short lead times.  This screed enables floor coverings to be applied at least twice as fast as Gyvlon Eco Screed.

Floor Screeding Solutions can intervene on building sites with demanding deadlines whilst still maintaining the advantages of anhydrite screed.

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Gyvlon ECO FD Finished floor

Versatile ECO Screed

Our Eco Screed is extremely versatile with numerous advantages.  For instance, it responds perfectly to all types of applications such as thermal and acoustic performance, underfloor heating, and thin levelling screed.  Likewise, it responds to other applications such as schools, gymnasiums, housing etc.

We can install Eco screed at 200m2 per hour, and  it can receive foot traffic from 24 to 48 hours. In addition, Eco screed requires fewer expansion joints than cementitious screeds.  This preserves the look of your floor finish.

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New build floor being prepared before eco screed is poured

Extra Strength Screed

Our Extra Strength screed is an excellent choice for both commercial and domestic buildings, particularly where higher than normal loads are expected.  For example; car parks, garages and service stations.

Moreover, this strength bearing screed can be walked on in just 24-48 hours, and can be loaded and dried within 7 days.

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Extra strength screed being poured onto new build floor