Industrial Top Screed

Industrial Top, Polishable screed can be used in commercial scenarios as a final finish where a ‘concrete’ effect is desired.  It is also designed for use in heavy industrial areas.  Industrial level screed allows for full traffic; and is far superior in performance compared to traditional, concrete or anhydrite screeds.

This screed is self-smoothing, extremely hard-wearing, and it can level industrial substrates and is ideal as a final finished layer.

We can install Industrial Top Screed at depths of between 4-15mm, and it can allow foot traffic from 2-4 hours.  Light industrial traffic is allowed after 24 hours, and full industrial traffic after only 1 week.

The end finish is super flat and smooth, which minimises wear and confidently enables high storing shelves.  It also has an extremely high durability from mechanical stress and has a long lifetime.

Floor Screeding Solutions recommend this screed for levelling solid bonded substrates such as concrete, base screeds and anhydrite screeds.  It can be left uncovered, even in high traffic areas, however it can also be covered with epoxy resin or polyurethane coatings.  We can also offer our polishing service on this screed, to any desired sheen level our customers require.