Fibre Rapid Base and Renovation Screed

Fibre Rapid Base and Renovation screed can be used in both domestic and commercial areas.  The rapid drying technology allows for the quickest overlay compared to sand/cement, concrete or anhydrite screeds.  We believe it is ideal for the renovation of existing floors, and floating floor constructions.

We can install Fibre Rapid Screed at depths between 5-20mm; and it can allow foot traffic after just 1-3 hours.  The fibre modification in this screed gives the flooring additional durability.

This rapid drying, self-smoothing, fibre-reinforced screed gives a strong base layer for receiving tiles or a thin topping screed. 

This screed can be tiled over; or covered in thin top screed after just 12 hours. Moreover, in normal conditions the final floor covering can be installed after only 2-4 days.

Floor Screeding Solutions recommend this screed for levelling bonded, unbonded and floating substrates such as concrete, sand/cement and anhydrite screeds. We also recommend it for wooden boards, under-floor heating, insulation boards, existing tiles and bitumen. 

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