Bagged Screed Pumping

We use the Duo-Mix 2000 screed pump.  The patented mixing principle in this machine, means that there is no other machine that can offer the quality of the mix that this provides. This special feature guarantees the best homogeneous mortar quality, and combined with the continuous regulation of output, our machine can do what an entire fleet of others would need to do.

We can pump up to 60 Litres per minute meaning that we can work quickly and efficiently to complete our installation.  Moreover, our Fast -Drying screeds allow foot traffic from only 1-3 days.   As a result, we can save you precious time on your project.

The high-spec Duo-Mix 2000, combined with our quality choice of bagged screed means that all of your floor screeding needs can be met by Floor Screeding Solutions, no matter what the size, or deadline.